Worlds of Chaos and Balance is a multi-dimensional campaign, two worlds: Chaos and Balance. Chaos is the world of the gods. While Balance is the world of all other creatures. Travel between the two worlds involves finding the hidden portal and unlocking it with the Key of Life. The Key of Life has been divided into eight pieces, each with a special gift. Only one gift can be used at a time. Each key gives one person a vision to the location of the next key.

World of Balance has 8 countries/islands to explore. Each Country is home to one element or theme ( fire, water, earth, air, light, darkness, electricity, and machine). Three of the countries are on islands in the sky and are referred to as the three isles: Pegasus Isle (Air), Asgeir Isle (Electricity), and Golem Isle (Machine). The other five countries are divided into two categories: on land or underwater. The three countries on land are each on an island: Hakan's Island  (fire), Ancient Island of Nazreen (earth), and Aria's Island of Paradise (light). The last two countries are underwater. Atlantis (water) is on the sea's floor while in the sea's floor contains the Legion of Shadows (darkness). 

World of Chaos is unknown territory for many and few who know are untrustworthy by nature.

Pegasus Isle is where the journey begins. Each character will begin in Anan's Colosseum. Reasons for entering may vary. The fights will end when the opponent or contestant  is  knocked unconscious. The prize for the top 10 ( or the party's size) winners will be 4,000 gold each and a quest for them to take together from the King of Pegasus Isle.

World of Chaos and Balance